Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kinopio's bubble gum

Once upon a time there was a teenager called Kinopio he wasn't that smart but his brother was because he's a cyborg. Kinopio smells like strong perfume his brother doesn't he smells weird.So one day he was on the train until bing bong we are having technical difficulties but luckly we are able to get to the train station.As Kinopio get off the train he stumbles over his shoelace then his money falls into the drain oh my money mums gonna be mad.(kinopio) i'm thinking i'm thinking aha naaa!!! (crowd) get to the point already !!!!!!! .My bubble gum i'll stretch it and stick it down the drain 5 second later... SNAP let me check my pocket dang it i'm out of bubble gum.Then kinopio walks to the bank two dollars please NO SORRY ''that unusual'' says kinopio .As kinopio walk out of the bank he finds yes ten dollars finder keepers losers wepers hahaha I love that rule.hmm i'm thirsty fanta please eeeeerrrooooh hey fanta fell out of the plane THE END

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Cassidy said...

Well done Josh!!! :) :) :)