Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Monster Wrote me a Letter

At the Start of the year, we read a book called A Monster Wrote Me a Letter. In one of our activities relating to the book, we had to draw a character and around it we had to write words that described the character.
Some of my words describing the monster were...
1. Messy but clean Freak
2. Lazy
3. Tiny
4. Plump
5. Nervous
6. Fat

Deans 2nd Pegasus

Deans 2nd Pegasus

Hot air balloons

Hot air Balloons have a Pilot and the Pilot can control the Hot air Balloon. The Balloonists do not fly at night. The people that are on the ground they follow the Hot air Balloon. Many are used for sight-seeing and the fun of flying. Before the Hot air Balloon flies they put hot air inside. The first flight was in 1783 in france. There are hot air inside so the Hot air Balloon can fly. It is 70 kilograms and it is 154 pounds. The balloon is called a envelope. The rope is called cables. Hot  air  Balloons  are  large  flying  machines  that  lift  people  off  the  ground. People  have  been  flying  in  Hot  air  Balloon  for  more  then  two  hundred  years. To  keep  flying  in  the  air  in  the  envelope  must  stay  hot. The  burner  heats  the  air. The  envelope  and  the  basket  are  driven  in  a  truck  to  take-off  field. A  team  of  people  unload  the  balloon  and  get  it  ready  to  fly. People  hold  the  bottom  of  the  envelope  for  it  to  stay  open. Hot  air  Balloons  go  where  the  wind  pushes  them. Pilots  try  to  take  the  balloon  to  a  hight  where  they  can  find  a  wind  that  takes  them  where  they  want  to  go. Balloons  might  get  caught  up  in  power  lines. It  is  difficult  to  find   a  place  to  land. As  hot  air  escapes  through  the   vent  cool  air  is  sucked  in  through  the  bottom  of  the  envelope. The  cool  air  makes  the  balloon  heavier  and  it  starts  to  lose  height.

special effects

Hi my name is levi and i have been leaning about special effects. there are lots of movies that use special effects. you can see special effects on television too. many people work together to make special effects it takes a lot of planing. the special effects team might have to make a flood or fires, accidents and explosions. All these are some special effects. all special effects have to be made safe but they still have to look real. If a stunt was going into a fire you would have to wear a fire proof mask glove suit hood. If the stunt team has to make a car roll over then the car has to have a strong roll cage. The special Effects team and the stunt team work together to make stunts look real. stunt people are people who stand in for actors when a dangerous stunt can be blowing up or a car driving into the water. all stunts have to be very carefully worked out. The teams make sure that all of the stunts are safe.

Deans Pegasus

undersea gardens

I learnt that farmers use seaweed to feed their animals and I learnt that seaweeds can grow up to 70m. high and the longest seaweed can grow faster then any plant green seaweeds. green seaweed often grows near fresh water you may find them. growing where streams flow into the sea crabs hide from their, predators inside seaweeds and some seaweeds can mack fish blend in to hide from their predators.seaweeds come in all shapes and sizes they can also look like grass some seaweeds. Feel slimy and their slime protects their blade from getting damaged by the waves.
Sea-horses wrap their tails around seaweeds so they don't get swept into deep seas    

Undersea Gardens

We have been learning about Undersea Gardens I wanted to find out if fish hide in the coral. fish do hide in the coral from there predator. some fish can blend in with coral. sea weed is put in ice cream /sushi/paint and medicine. some sea creatures look like coral but instead some coral sometimes. on fish shows sting rays hide in the sand so if you go diving. remember to watch out for sting rays If you can't swim don't go diving sea weed can grow up to 70 meters! It can be different colours red/brown/pink/green and purple they can come in different shapes and sizes seaweed sometimes floats onto the sand.   

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Megan's Pegasus

Cassidy's Pegasus.

Crazy face

Hot air balloons

I learnt that there is a pilot and the people down on the ground can follow the balloon and that hot air balloons don't fly at night to bring the hot air balloon down on the ground the envelop needs to cool.some are used to collect scientific  information and their is many different  tips of balloons. Balloons have heaps of different pictures too. The burner helps the  balloon fly. it can weigh more than 70 kilograms.

hot Air Ballons

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Undersea Gardens

Seaweed can grow up to 70 meters and also they can grow they can grow faster then any kind of plant in the whole world.I didn't know that seaweed can grow in many different colours for  example,brown,red or dark red,pink,purple and green. Did you know that the seaweed can look like all sorts of shapes and sizes, for example seaweed can look like lettuce,grass,spaghetti,flat sheet,tubes,neck lace or row of beads.''Well did you know what name is for seaweed?''Well the Rimu tree is a maori name seaweed. Seaweed is a very young plant rimu trees just like seaweed.   

Hot air balloons.

There are little cables at the side of the hot air balloons to make it still, there is bucket for the passengers. We think the hot air balloons need hot air to float up in the air. There are usually different pictures in the envelope. You need to stand still so the bucket won't wiggle from side to side. The people on the ground are called chase crew and they talk to the pilot on two different ways radio. The hot air balloons don't usually fly at night because they might get caught in a power line. After the hot air balloon is filled with hot air the hot air balloon needs to be tied to the ground to stop it floating away. Hot air balloon are a larger flyer machines. The first hot air balloon flyer is in France 1783.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Learning about Adverbs

Today Mrs Pram taught us about adverbs. We can use an adverb to change a verb, adjective or another adverb and it gives us more information about the way something is done or happens.

This was a yummy lesson because we all got given donuts to eat! First we had to tell Mrs Pram some different things we could do with the donuts like nibble, eat, chomp etc. Then we had to tell some adverbs that would explain the way we did these things like nibble politely or chomp loudly.

Check out some of the adverbs we use in this video:

Friday, October 22, 2010


Jerking is a style of dance... just like break dancing or ballet is. Today Joshua, Joseph and Sage danced a jerk. They had choreographed it themselves and practiced during their lunchtimes. They were amazing! Check it out!

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Woohoo! We love to celebrate success - in fact it's one of our school values!
Here are the Karekare award winners... aren't they awesome!

Tumeke 12 award winners were:

Values Certificates:
Megan, Dean, Joshua, Hollie

Citizenship Awards:
Hollie, Isabella

Classroom Achievement:
Jericho, Angel, Hollie, Travis

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A female duck came to visit Travis house!!!

Travis had a surprise visit last night from a female who walked into the house. She inspected the kitchen/dining room and ate some of the cat meat that our cat did not finish. Then it gave my Mum a heck of a fright when it came flying out from behind the kitchen curtain. Mum had to chase it around the kitchen and dining room before catching the duck in a corner of the lounge. Travis was most amused at the highlight of our week.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is a list of all the people that visit Our blog. It also tells you what country they are from.

Mrs Pram

This is a Wordle about our Student Teacher, Mrs Pram.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cassidy's Drama Show!

Every Tuesday I go to Corbans art center for drama lessons. We do stuff like acting, miming and stuff like but one day, my teachers Hannah and Wendy, had some very good news.'' On Sunday we are having the first rehearsal for the show in October.''
All of my friends were so excited about the show! We have all been waiting for a really long time.'' Where is the first rehearsal?''
I said. '' Block-House Bay. Does every one know that is?'' Asked Hannah. We all shook our heads. '' Well maybe your parents will know.'' So me and my mum went down to Block-House Bay. We spent a long time on the opening song. We came back every Sunday. We did some dress-rehearsals and some normal ones. The worst thing was that we had to do the show with bigger kids.
On Saturday, we had our first show. We were all excited. Finally the show started. It was so cool, but then we got bored when we were waiting in the green room. I'd tell you how all of it went but it would take to long. All the shows where FANTASTIC. Then we had the after party.
That was the best part. All of my family were so proud!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

My Special Netball Day By Megan

In a very exciting weekend I went the first netball game of the season. It was the morning of the netball game which I had forgot with my pea sized brain. My brother came into my room and kept whispering Megan Megan Megan until I woke up. I decided to sleep in, I don't know why because I would usually get up and turn the T.V on, but I still just stayed in bed. about three minutes later Mum came in and said in a hurry ''you need to get ready for netball.'' and I said ''O.K'' I walked quickly to the hall through the lounge and then in to have breakfast. For breakfast as usual I had weet-bix with brown sugar. I thought that this time they tasted a it bit yuck. After that I had a shower and put on my new netball uniform. I think it was quite fancy, it looked liked it could be used for a netball team called posh. Then I got told that I had to get my bag together and put all my stuff in it and I was player of the day so of course I had to bring the lollies. I did this all as quick as I could because I thought I would be late for the netball game but in fact I had to wait for all my other team mates to get to the netball courts. I sat on the computer playing some confusing and animated games on the computer and a little while later I announced it was time to go. Once we had got to the te pai courts I had to wait for a couple of my team mates. We did some laps around the courts and then the two minutes warning came on the speaker for our game to start. We walked to the court we were playing on, got into our places the whistle blew and we were off. we got the ball manage to get it pass WK got it into our goal and then got a goal we had a tough GD and a very good GK we were so excited after the goal we ran back into our places and then the whistle blew again the other team threw the ball it went off side summerland ball yes I screamed in my head I threw it to our WA then she threw it to GD on our team and then oh no her defender was to fantastically good that we just couldn't get it in the end they got a goal it seemed like a very long time between the whistle and the goal. I was correct it was because just after the half time bell rung it had already been half and hour since we started! This time we had the ball the lucky ball the ball was going so quickly from each team mate to the other and before we knew we got a goal "yes" I said in my head yet another time the first netball game and the best! I was their ball they had it down to their GA and then down to their GS and then the had a goal before you could even have your GD put their arms up we had a slow goal this time we passed it to WA and then she fell over and when your on the ground you can't throw the ball and if you don't throw the ball you will have given the ball to the other team because you hold it for more than three seconds. So the other team go the ball but got confused on who their team mates were so they threw to the wrong person and we got a goal! Just after the bell rung and we had won it we had won it all!
We were all so happy and after we got a crunchie bar each because we won!
The end the sweet crunchie bar end
By Megan