Monday, March 29, 2010

My Survey By Megan

One bright windy day Miss Signal told us we would be creating a survey for a couple of classes to see and answer for us. First we had to right down a couple of questions. Then we had to choose one out of the questions that we had written down. After we
had chosen our top question (with a little help from our marvellous teacher Miss Signal) we had to start drafting our survey on a completely blank piece of paper.

There were a couple of steps when we were publishing our work the first step we had to do was write down our question.My question was if we had a teacher come into our school what would he or she's personality be like? After we did that we had to write down the options. My options were sporty, mathematical, technological, arty, strict and other. Then after that we had to we had to publish it in our perfectly whitely white books which would be our maths two books. To publish it we had to write down the date, statistics, the question, rule some lines and then put in the options. Nearly about two days later (that some how felt like two years) we finally ended up going to a couple of other classes with a buddy and my awesome buddy was Jessica (a student in my class).

Me and Jessica went around two classes both marvellous year fours that always chatter and chatter and chatter we asked both classes our surveys first we went to room 3 and that teacher didn't let jess read her survey to the class even though it was perfectly good!!! My survey was fine though. After that we went to room 21 and that teacher was fine, her name is Mrs Brown. She was fair and she thought both of ours were worth asking somebody about. After we had done that we went back to class. The End!

Hollie's Find-a-Word: David gets in Trouble


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tumeke 12's Teamwork Butterflies

I am so very proud of Tumeke 12 this week - they have created the most amazing butterflies as part of their Topic and Visual Arts in the last week! Tumeke 12 had to work as a team to collaborate and create their butterflies. They showed persistence, teamwork, respect, encouragement and thinking in creating their masterpieces.

Here is a slideshow showing the process that Tumeke 12 went through to create their butterflies. Soon we will have pictures up so you can see the completed work!

Tino pai Tumeke 12!

Certificates - Week 8

Our Week 8 Summerland Certificates went to:
Paul & Dan-Bi for fantastic teamwork during Visual Arts
Cassidy for showing respect to her classmates in all areas.
Jackie for excellent effort in Visual Arts.

Congratulations on your amazing efforts!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Giant Soup by Emma

Magic Garageband with Room 17

On Tuesday Room 12 were really lucky to work with the amazing Room 17 and Miss Davies. Miss Davies had another of her brilliant ideas and Room 17 and 12 recreated Nursery Rhymes using Garageband. Head along to our website here to take a look at them in action!

Zach the Soccer star

I got one of these awards last year and one this year for Soccer.
By Zachary

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Krypton Factor by Dean & Sarah

Two teams from Summerland took part in the annual Krypton Factor competition. After each activity we were able to eat and relax. We enjoyed the relaxing part. The activities included shooting basketballs, finding place names on a map of NZ, putting a large jigsaw together, general knowledge and a memory game.

We had to work as a team and encourage each other. We also encouraged other schools even when we were competing against them.

We were really excited when we found we had won the huge cup. We were stunned into silence then erupted into a huge cheer. We would like to thank Miss Davies, our parents and all the teachers who came to support us. We really had a great, exciting day!

** This was an article featured in our Summerland Newsletter written by Dean and Sarah - great work guys!

Tumeke 12 were lucky to have 2 students as part of the winning team! We were so proud of all the students that competed, especially our own students! A BIG thanks to Miss Davies for coaching and organising the teams!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Room 12's Monarch Butterfly

We have been very lucky to have been able to watch caterpillars and Monarch Butterfly's around our classroom as Hollie's Mum brought us a swan plant. We had some big caterpillars that we thought would turn into a chrysalis. But we came back after the weekend and they had disappeared! We were very disappointed.

But on Monday Miss S. brought the swan plant inside the classroom. When we moved the pot we discovered a chrysalis hanging on the side of our pot! We were VERY excited to see it there. We watched and waited for it to hatch... and it did on Wednesday! Here is a movie of our butterfly trying out her new long legs and wings.

Butterfly Photos

Photos taken by Zanobia, Zach and Miss S.

Zach's James & The Giant Peach Quiz

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mysterious White Box By Megan

One really boring and rainy day Miss Signal walked in with a really weird white box. The first thing I started to wonder was who is it from and who's it for I was so hoping it was for me! My brain starting buzzing and zapping and I really wanted to go open the box but then my buzzing and zapping went down because we're not allowed to open the box yet OH MAN!!!! I shouted to myself. Then we passed the mysterious box around the class to each of the big tables. I was so hoping for the box to come to my table, what!!!!I It didn't come to our table that's unbelievable! So I drooped down like a flower that hadn't had water in three weeks! Hollie (a girl in my class) had a chance to pick up the mysterious box but nobody else did. I wasn't that drooped about picking up the box. I really hope and I think that there will be something nice to send us off for the end of the year. I sort of annoyed because Miss Signal won't let us open the box till the end of the year! The wonderful End!=)

By Megan

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Budulinek By Diana

Once there was a boy named Budulinek and his grandpa and grandma.  Every afternoon his grandpa and grandma went to the woods to get some wood for the fire. But Budulinek had to stay home. When he was eating his rice a mother fox came and whispered "if you let me eat your rice, I will let you have a ride on my tail Budulinek said he would like to but he would not open the door. The mother said "don't open the door , open the window. So he opened the window and mother fox jumped in and ate the rice. Then  she put Budulinek on her tail and took him to her hole.Budulinek was starting to cry, but mother fox said "I have two sons and you can play with them''. So Budulinek became happy and played with the kids all day, then began to cry again. Mother fox said "don't go out now its too dark " while the foxes and Budulinek were having their dinner, Budulinek's grandpa and grandma were looking for Budulinek. Then they got instruments and grandpa got a big bag. They sang a song. Then 1 little fox jumped out from the hole then another fox jumped out. Next the mother fox came to stop the noise. They caught mother fox and Budulinek was still in there, so they dug a hole and pulled Budulinek out. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010