Monday, June 28, 2010

Zanobia's Marvelous Medcine

My Marvelous Medicine
How to make a medicine that makes Scary Dogs cute Dogs

What you need:
Any kind of perfume
A spoon
A bowl
Soap (any)
White paint,
Boiling water,
A 10 cm plank of wood,
A pot
A stirring spoon
A stove
A kettle
A tap
A cup
A Dog
The Instructions:
Put the pot on the stove.
Take the perfume and the soap and put it in the pot.
Put the white paint and the powder into the pot.
Fill the cup with water from the tap.
Put the water in the kettle.
Turn the kettle on.
Wait for the kettle to boil.
Put the paper and the wood in the pot.
Stir all the things in the pot with the stirring spoon.
Take the liquid and put it in the bathtub.
Fill the Bathtub with normal water.
Put your dog in the bathtub.

Megan's Marvelous Medicine

How to make yourself funnier

What you will need:
*Itching  powder
*Hand cream
* A piece of plastic
*A Soft toy eye

1. Pick up your hand cream bottle 
2. Twist open the lid 
3. Pour the hand cream into the bucket
4. Spit into the bucket
5. Pick up your water bottle 
6. Twist open the lid 
7. Pour the water into the bucket
8. Pick up your piece of plastic
9. Break it up until it each piece is really small
10.Put your pieces of plastic in your bucket
11. Pick up your container of blood 
12. Twist open the lid
13. Pour the blood in the bucket
14. Pick up your soft toy eye
15. Drop it in the bucket
16. Lift up your itching powder
17. Pick up your bottle of paint
18. Swirl it into he bucket
19. Stir for one minute
20. Go show of your new talents
Thank-you for reading

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Megan's Fascinating Recount

I was on the computer typing away. "How did this happen you ask?" Well a couple of minutes ago Mr.T told us to do three Haiku poems in our books and then publish them on the computer. So there I was rushing to be the first one finished. I liked having Mr. T as a teacher, he always gave us cool activities to do. Well what we had to do was type up the words of our haiku poems and then put fascinating coloured boxes behind them. Mr. T also taught us a couple of new tricks on the computer like, how to make a background, how to export something and how to do some more keyboard short cuts. My coloured background had to be a light shade and so did everybody else's. The wonderful things we had to have on our page was Haiku poems in a coloured box. Next to that we had to have a Japanese picture from kid pix. Under that we had to have three interesting Haiku poems and an illustration to go with each one also from kid pix... "I mean, how many things do we have to have for kid pix!?" The very last final touch has to be brilliant so it was our name in a coloured box or in my case a star. My star was yellow with blue writing. The final product looked great and so did everybody else's!

The Wonderful End

Sunday, June 20, 2010

I'm In Brisbane!

Kia Ora Tumeke 12!
I've arrived in Brisbane and what an adventure that was! The plane was fantastic, very fancy and I had my own movies and games to keep me busy on the flight over. When I arrived in Brisbane I had to catch the airtrain to Southbank - I was extremely excited about this because I love to catch trains and watch the world ride by! I finally got off the train at Southbank to find that the bus I was supposed to catch left an hour earlier... Oh dear!

So I decided to head into Southbank to get some dinner and am I glad that I did. I found a yummy little burger cafe that had burgers the size of your head! They were humongous! So after I removed lots of the burger bits I could finally eat it all up - delicious!

Then I found a taxi driver who was very lovely but I wasn't sure that he knew where he was going. With a little help from his GPS system I finally arrived in my hotel. I have an awesome room with a giant television. (I knew you'd want to know that) I am heading off today to look around lots of cool schools, which I'm really excited about. Have a great week Tumeke 12!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Blog of the Week #2

Remember to click on the picture to head to that blog! Enjoy!

Our very own and very clever Mrs Brown and Room 21 have the blog 'We Learn'. Check out all the cool things they have been up to. Lots of the students are blogging from home and sharing all their happenings. Head over and leave them some comments!

Our second blog comes from Nelson - does anyone know where in New Zealand that is? Maybe you could head to their blog and find out! Their teacher Allanah K leaves comments for us all the time - she's just left us over 12 comments on our holiday video's - what a star! So head over to Moturoa's blog and leave them some fabulous comments too!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Holiday Videos

At the start of Term 2, Tumeke 12 worked hard at writing recounts of a holiday event and then recording them as video's. They used some steps to help make sure they were making their story interesting for their audience.

These are the things that they assessed themselves on:
* I spoke with a clear voice.
* I used a good pace that wasn't too fast or too slow.
* I used interesting expression.
* My story was interesting for my audience.

It has been a VERY busy term and we have just loaded the last of the video's. Tumeke 12 would love your feedback on their videos - as you are their audience! We will be recording some more videos using a cue prompter to help us look at the camera when we talk. Thank you for watching our videos and leaving us a comment to help us improve our learning!

Travis' Holiday Video

Riaihe's Holiday Video

Zachary's Holiday Video

Tatiana's Holiday Video

Megan's Holiday Video

Levi's Holiday Video

Kiana's Holiday Video

Joshua's Holiday Video

Joseph's Holiday Video

Jessica's Holiday Video

Jericho's Holiday Video

Hollie's Holiday Video

Dream's Holiday Video

Cassidy's Holiday Video

Dean's Holiday Video

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Home Writing

Instructional Writing

How to make Beach Baby Jellies
(This Recipie makes twelve Baby Jellies)
What you need:
170 Grams of Green jelly Crystals
2 tablespoons of cookie crumbs
12 Gummie bears
12 life saver sweets (sweets in shape if a life preserver)
12 paper umbrellas
500 ml Boiling water
A refirgerater
12 Small cups
A bowl

The Instructions:
1. Combine the Jelly crystals and 500 ml boiling water in a bowl.
2. Stir until all the crystals have become liquid.
3. Set the bowl aside until it is cool.
4. Pour the jelly into small moulds filling only three Quaters of the mould.
5. Put it in the refirgerater over night.
6. Sprinkle the jelly over all the jelly moulds.
7. Lay 1 gummy bear on each mould.
8. Put a life preserver sweet on the crumbs and a paper umbrella through the middle.
9. Enjoy your jelly.

By Zanobia

Friday, June 11, 2010

How to Live on Earth

We are learning how to write instructions for an audience. In class we have looked at all the things we need in our instructions to make them great. When we write instructions we look for things like...

* A title telling us what the instructions are for
* A list of all the things our audience will need
* Bullet points or numbered steps
* Instructions that are in order
* Short, sharp sentences
* Imperatives or Bossy words to start each instruction

Our friend Zog is coming to Earth but was scared because he doesn't know how to live on our planet. So we wrote him instructions explaining to him how to live. Click on the picture below to check out our book for Zog!

How to Live on Earth

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jackie the piano player

On monday 12th of April, 2010 I went to a piano competition at St George's Church Community Center at 2 The Terrace, Takapuna. I played 'Toccatina' By Kabalevski. The type of my certificate is merit highly commended.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blogs of the Week

This week we have 2 blogs - one from Summerland and one from Hokowhitu School.
Click on the pictures to head to that blog!

Network Nine
Network Nine has a huge range of different things happening in their classroom. You can click on the video on the right to see what it's like in their classroom. It looks like a great place to learn! Head over there to tell them about the things you like or are interested with on their blog.

SPS Superstars
This is the blog of our very own Room 6 at Summerland Primary. It looks like they really do have a lot of superstars in their class - check it out to see what they have been up to and to leave them a comment or two.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the queens new chef

Current Events 01/06 - Guatemalan Sinkhole

Check out this photo - yes it is a photo, not a painting or a trick on the eye!
This is a sinkhole that was created after a huge storm in Guatemala.
The sinkhole is 100 metres deep.

Check out this National Geographic news article for more information!

Photo used under Creative Commons