Monday, August 16, 2010

All About Zanobia By Megan

"Hahaha" says Zanobia as she laughs at one of my driest jokes in the world and you guested it she is a very funny person. She loves listening to jokes even the worst in the world. Zanobia is a very wacky weird and wonderful young woman. Zanobia is extremely smart and notices every little detail about every little person. For example right now she is sitting next to me writing about me and she notices that I tip my head on a 75 degree angle when I am writing. Zen is very energetic and runs around with me all the time no matter what I am doing. She loves to play with her friend Angle. Zanobia will give you any thing you want if you ask for it and she can make it happen. Zanobia really likes playing netball and it is her favorite sport.

Zanobia's hair feels like wool after a cats played with it but it looks like brand new black silk. Only a little bit of her hair actually does feel like cotton and smooth silk. She has straight black hair and one time wanted to see what it was like to have long hair so she bought some fake hair for the $2 shop. Her top lip is wrinkly when it dries up. Her top lip is tinny and her bottom lip is a medium size. Her top lip is as small as a pin. Her nose is a extremely weird shape. She loves to paint her nails bright colours that blend. Almost all the time you see her with her nails painted. When you see her without her nails painted it is as rare as seeing a person trying to cut metal with scissors. Zanobia has dark skin skin like the wood on a tree. Zanobia has orange shaded ears that look extremely funny! Zanobia always wears headbands because her fringe is growing to long and has to wait for a hair cut. Zanobia always laughs at my dry jokes and when she does that she gets big creases around her mouth. For example one time I told her that I like her as a friend and then she laughed hard out (I was thinking I might change my mind!) and she had the biggest creases around her mouth. Zanobia has teeth that are as white as new printed paper when the sun is shining on it. She has extremely dark eyes, as dark as the night. They are nearly black but are still brown. Zanobia has lots of different earrings and she changes her earrings every week to match her outfit! She has a whole bunch of pouches with pouches with earrings flooding out of them. Zanobia is as close to her earrings as a chicken to it's eggs.

Zanobia is on her desk reading her favorite book, diary of a wimpy kid. (I guess she wants to be close to her own kind!) I am probably going to have to say sorry to Zanobia for saying the previous sentence but I get sorrys from her all the time for doing nothing! For example she says a sentence and I would usually say hoha!? So she says sorry it was meant to be like this... bla bla bla. Zanobia is nice and always swaps gross food for yummy food after school like one time she swapped a mandorin for a tim tam! Zanonia gets $5 a week for pocket money but has to jobs to get them! That's amazing I only get a big fat $0.00 and I still do jobs! Zanobia is following her dream to be a marine biologist but when she was dreaming I don't think she was floating on a cloud I think she was floating on water. Zanobia laughs at everything I say, I think her laughter box needs mending! She tells me everything she thinks about me she keeps nothing a secret. I can always rely on her to tell the truth but even if it isn't the positive truth she will make it sound like the positive one. That makes her sound even more kind and here is something that will do the same thing. Zanobia doesn't care what anybody else says about unless it is positive or it is giving her some great feed back she didn't even care about the last insult I gave her!
Those are all the reasons why everybody should want to be her friend-and they do.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Zanobia Wordle- Send for Detective Cluepo

How to Make Toasties By Megan

Things you will need:
* A toasted sandwich maker
* Bread
* Fillings (cheese ham tomato ect)
* Plate
* Cutting board
* Knife
* Butter

1. Get two pieces of bread
2. Place them on the cutting board
3. Butter the two pieces of bread on both sides 
4. Cut up your fillings
5. Plug your toasted sandwhich maker into an available plug
6. Turn the toasted sandwhich maker on
7. Open the lid on the toasted sandwich maker
8. Put the bread on the two patterns but be careful because you might burn yourself
9. Put your ingredients on
10. Press the lid down
11. Wait to see when the light turns green or turns off on the top of the sandwich maker then it will be ready
12.Open the lid 
13. Put your toasties on the plate
14. Eat!