Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Captain Underpants Wordle by Megan

Wordle is a very awesome page we use to describe things and put them into a exciting creative awesome picture after we are able to edit it and change thing to the right color layout and font we want.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super hero Squad

to be continued...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Art Exhibition

Just a quick preview of our art exhibition works...

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Paul's Creations

Paul is amazing at creating 3D objects out of Blu-Tak... yes, that's right Blu-Tak!
Here are just a few of his creations that he has made lately!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Terrible Topsy-Turvy,Tissy-Tossy Tangle

Kinopio's bubble gum

Once upon a time there was a teenager called Kinopio he wasn't that smart but his brother was because he's a cyborg. Kinopio smells like strong perfume his brother doesn't he smells weird.So one day he was on the train until bing bong we are having technical difficulties but luckly we are able to get to the train station.As Kinopio get off the train he stumbles over his shoelace then his money falls into the drain oh my money mums gonna be mad.(kinopio) i'm thinking i'm thinking aha naaa!!! (crowd) get to the point already !!!!!!! .My bubble gum i'll stretch it and stick it down the drain 5 second later... SNAP let me check my pocket dang it i'm out of bubble gum.Then kinopio walks to the bank two dollars please NO SORRY ''that unusual'' says kinopio .As kinopio walk out of the bank he finds yes ten dollars finder keepers losers wepers hahaha I love that rule.hmm i'm thirsty fanta please eeeeerrrooooh hey fanta fell out of the plane THE END

Fearless Flynn

1*They try to make Flynn a skeleton while lying in ambush
2*Flynn has a competition with the first skeleton but Flynn tricks the ambusher
3*He tricks the second skeleton by dancing with her and then taking her apart
4*The third skeleton wants to wrestle with Flynn, but Flynn waits and after some time says "Boo", then the biggest skeleton falls apart
5* Talks to the skeleton horse after he has defeated the skeletons (He sort of makes friends)
6* Flynn is proud of what he has done and boasted to everyone about it.
Megan's rating for Fearless Flynn is ** out of five stars because it wasn't very exciting and it didn't have much humor in it
Zanobia's rating is *** stars out of five stars because she says it kind of cool the way Flynn tricks the skeletons

Monday, November 8, 2010

the peach falling of the cliff by Levi


I'm as fat as a elephant

I'm as stupid as a monkey

I'm as naughty as a dog

I'm as dumb as a clown

I'm as angry as a teacher

I'm as cool as justin Bieber

I'm as good as a girl

I'm as awesome as a dragon

I'm as kind as a chair

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The battle between two galaxies

Once upon a time in two different unknown galaxy there were two rivals, named Jack the elemental magician with strange mystical birthmark which gives him the magical powers. They both fought and elemental magician nearly won but Super V bear ESCAPES! One day he was sleeping and he dreamed of a little bear that whispered "Hey you, I want to be exactly like you!" Then Jack grumbled "No." "Pretty please!" No!I ALREADY SAID NO!" "oh,fine." sighed the little bear. After that the magician collapsed! Suddenly he was in his own dreams that he had last night. He was in a forest fighting Super V bear and nearly loss then the little bear(Not actually) woke Jack up. Then Jack woke up. Then Jack said "thanks for saving me you little bear." but when he faced backwards it was his rival Super V bear with his big gigantic body sticking out. Then they started fighting, they were strangling, punching and kicking each other. After all that fighting, they were both tired out! They rested for an hour then they started fighting again. They were still fighting until Jack got punched. His birthmark opened and then it allowed him to use his mystical powers so he used quicksand waterfall with burning flames together then Super V bear shouted "I surrender!" Then the cops came and arrested him. Next day later it was over all the news. Jack saves the day again or maybe saves the night.

Sally And The Blood-Sucking Witch

One day, one lovely day on mars, Sally the alien was out for a walk. She was walking until she came to the pet store. You see, Sally always wanted a pet, but she never had one or had known how fun it was to have one. But she went in anyway. All that was in the pet store was a moon rock, a red one. It did nothing for a while. Sally got bored and when she was just going to leave, she heard a noise. She turned back. The moon rock was bouncing. Up and down up and down. Sally really wanted to buy it. She reached into her pocket and grabbed three dollars. Moon rocks didn't cost that much money on mars. So once Sally payed she went home to go tell her parents.'' NO! You didn't even ask us. It's a big responsibility.'' Growled her dad. '' Anyone can look after a rock.'' Sally stomped to her room. She took the moon rock with her. When she slammed the door and locked it, the moon rock started to bounce again. Then it disappeared in a puff of smoke. '' So much for a pet.'' said Sally. Just then, a witch was standing right in front of her.'' HE! HE! HE! Your mine now!'' Screeched the witch. '' Your that m-m-moon r-rock-k.'' Sally said scared. '' Yup I can do some pretty good magic. Now come with me!'' '' Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Mum mum! Dad dad!'' screamed Sally. Her parents went to see what was wrong but it was to late. The little alien was in a sack hanging off the edge of the witch's broom stick. ''Go away!'' Said Sally's Dad. '' I'll go away, with this ugly alien.'' The witch opened the window and flew out, Sally was going to planet earth. It was so cold up in the sky. It was so cold, that Sally turned BLUE. Finally they were in the witch's castle. The witch opened the sack and threw it on the ground.'' Consider yourself a little rude,'' Said Sally. '' and anyway what do you want from me.'' Sally said bravely. '' I want a SLAVE.'' Said the witch. '' By the way my name is Olka. Olka Big-teeth'' '' Who is your slave I don't see a slave.'' Sally asked. '' I'm laughing right a her. Ha.'' Olka said, annoyed. She opened her mouth. Sally saw big teeth hang down. She now knew why Olka sir-name was big teeth.'' Y-y-your a vamp-p-pire.'' '' Yup.'' said Olka '' I'll be your slave,'' said Sally quikly. '' just don't hurt me or, go back to Mars and hurt my parents.'' '' Ok ,here is list of things I need you to do.'' Olka was holding a huge long list, a MEGER long list. Sally began to say: '' How am I soposed to do all of...'' '' Shhhhh! You still want your live, than do it ALL!!!'' scremed Olka '' Okay.'''said Sally. So Sally did her work like scrubbing and brushing and cleaning Olka's room, she also made friends with the birds and one morning, the birds had a plan, a plan to get Sally out of the castle. The birds told Sally that they could fly out the window and go around the other side of the castle, through the window that had a room with the key in it, and come back and give the key to Sally. '' Brilliant!!! Now I can go and see my Mum & Dad again. But I will miss you guys, you are my best friends.'' Sally said sadly. '' Don't worry. We will come and visit.'' '' Okay then, lets get on with the plan.'' Said Sally. So the birds flew out and did what they said they would do. About ten seconds latter she heard a scream, a scream from a witch. But then she noticed that it was only the t.v. The All Blacks lost their game. Then she heard a jingle noise, a jingle noise of a key. '' THE BIRDS!!! '' Screamed Sally.
Fantail came swooping down with the keys and the birds. '' Thank you so much.'' Said Sally as she hugged Fantail. '' We also got the broom stick too. Your going to need it.'' Then Sally was on her way.

Kinopios bubblegum

Once upon a time there was a teenager called Kinopio he was not smart but his brother was because he is a cyborg. Kinopio smell's like strong lynx but his brother smell's weird"so one day he was chewing his sticky bubblegum on a train. Until bing bog we are having technical difficulty but lucky we are able to get to the train station that was close. As Kinopio gets off the train he stumbles over his shoe laces and his. Money fall's out of his pocket and in to the drain o"no my money.mum's gonna be made i,m thin thinking i,m thinking aha"nah"ah"nah"crowd"get to the point all ready ah my bubblegum. I will stretch my bubblegum and put it down the drain 5secs later SNAP!hang on let me check my pockets dang it i,m out of bubblegum. Then Kinopio walks to the bank and says two dollars$
please"no sorry you have to swipe your card well that was "weird As he walks out of the bank he walks through the park do" do" do hay look he fond 4 dollars$ on the ground and hay finders keepers losers weepers ha" ha" ha I love that rule. Then Kinopio says man i,m thirsty then he walks to the shop and says one fanta please wow it fall,s out of the sky yes. The end

The Forest of Fantasy

Once upon a time, on a cloud far far away, stood a misty blue castle surrounded by a huge ring of dust and a forest. Inside lived a Wise Old Wizard, who liked to vanish instead of walking. The Wise Old Wizard wears a robe the color of the night sky. On his robe he has 35 stars. He also has a matching pointy hat that also has stars but only 17. He has a beard that is 100 cm long, and is as white as a new Mac Computer. The Wise Old Wizard is very short, only 110 cm. He has a walking stick and a wand. His walking stick is also his emergency wand. He has a old creaky voice that he doesn't use very much, and he hasn't had a bath since he was 16 years old. This is a fact that made a lot of people faint; He...is...120...years...old...! He is so powerful that he can make the earth a different shape. With his wand, he created a calm and tame pet goblin named Bubble. He only created the goblin because he was lonely, since he had absolutely no family. The Wise Old Wizard was really wrinkly and smells like frogs. he is one of those wizard who hardly ever smiles, and is a good wizard, not one of those mean, cruel, and nasty wizard. As for his mansion, it is HUGE. From the outside it looks like a normal 2 story house, but from the inside it is as big as 1 quarter of the Tasmanian sea. He is very rich, and usually very, very LAZY. Once on a cold and stormy night, the Wise Old Wizard came out of his mansion, went under the ring of dust, and sat down on his bench. He was feeling very board and lonely. So he slowly walked toward the forest and heard a faint growling sound... He swore he saw tiny people flying on a swans back. He scanned through his mind and remembered that those things were called Pinhead.He still wasn't sure what and where the growling sound was coming from. Since the wizard was a very curious person, he walked on further. After about 15 minutes of walking , the wizard was faced by a huge dragon like creature that had scales, a rooster like head and lion shaped paws. For the wizard it was a very peculiar site....very peculiar. He scanned his mind seventeen times finally on the eighteenth time he remembered what the creature was. It was a griffin. It has been said that they are very dangerous, and the wizard was sure that the fact in the book was true because the griffin ate his wand as well as his emergency wand. Soon it was dusk , the sky was getting dark and the air was getting cold and the wizard lost his way. The owls were hooting and screeching in the cold misty night. The wizard kept walking and very soon came across a very short person. He introduced himself as the "Dwarf king". He told the wizard that he could have one wish only if he could find the medal of wonder. The wizard did not know where the medal of wonder was so he got stressed. He wanted to wish for him to go home. Two minutes later the dwarf king vanished leaving a note on the ground.The note said " Follow the path in this map, you will face dangers in your track, so be careful where you step and you will find the medal of wonder".... The wizard followed the trail and ended up exactly where he was before; with the griffin.He looked everywhere around the place and found nothing. Then he stroke the griffin wondering how his pet goblin might be feeling; Smack!! the map fell to the ground and as the wizard picked it up, he looked at it upside down. Looking it that way he figured out exactly where to go!!! He was almost there ; where the medal of wonder was but he had to go to the middle of the haunted cave. The wizard was as scared as a mouse before a hungry fat cat.He ran and while running he wished that he had his wand so that he could go home. Suddenly....Crash!! The wizard had bumped into a huge rock and that's where he found the medal of wonder. As soon as he grabbed it the dwarf king appeared. He thanked the wizard and granted him his wish. That's what helped the wizard to go home and live happily ever after.

Isabella"s Lockgate mystery

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trees Haiku Poem

A Haiku Poem is a poem that has three sentences. The first sentence is a five syllable sentence. The second sentence is a seven syllable sentence, and the third sentence is a five syllable sentence.
This is my Trees Haiku poem:

Taking lots of time.
growing slowly from the ground.
Leaving seeds behind.

Waterfall Haiku Poem

A Haiku Poem is a poem that has three sentences. The first sentence is a five syllable sentence. The second sentence is a seven syllable sentence, and the third sentence is a five syllable sentence.
This is my Waterfall Haiku poem:

They come big and small.
Water does not stop falling.
Sticks and twigs fall to.

Autumn Haiku Poem

A Haiku Poem is a poem that has three sentences. The first sentence is a five syllable sentence. The second sentence is a seven syllable sentence, and the third sentence is a five syllable sentence.
This is my Autumn Haiku poem:

Red Leaves are falling.
Some birds start flying away.
The wind is blowing.

Queen Victoria's Crown By Megan

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh" screamed the two twins. Once they had explained their dream to their to their two brothers, Joseph who was three and David who was fifteen and both fiddlers they noticed it was true because when the went into their parents room they weren't there! One of the children even fainted it became a real problem because After Dylan had fainted their was a long two year struggle to get through with out Dylan. In two years time the second "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" (But in a deep voice) in this story it was coming from Dylan. The kids ran out from the kitchen and greeted Dylan in the most cheerful scream. "I haven't seen you since, since well I can't remember actually". "Ohhhhhhhh thank goodness your here" said Dylan "ah duh" said Alice and Alia. "We have been here two years with you stinking up the house". "Didan Didan bath bath" said Joseph running out with his nappy full. "Yeah Joseph is right we may need to get you a bath the flies have been around you for months" said Alice and Alia. "Up you hop." Wait!" I had the strangest dream and you were all in it". "I know who has our parents, evil Queen Victoria." By the time Dylan had explained his whole dream the girl devised a plan. Alice and Alia were twelve by now and were old enough to get their licence to fight evil Queen Victoria. The twins who had identical clothes looks personalities and powers went to the police department with their brothers in the smokey fire death cell. Cough cough. I think this place needs some air freshener we better go the supermarket and get air wick eye motion. Said Dylan. "Hello can I help you" said the register attender in a extremely croaking voice. "Um yes for a start you can turn off the fake atmosphere Queen Victoria's guards aren't coming." "Yet." added Joseph still with a full nappy. "Sorry" said Megan the runner of the armor store. As soon as the fake atmosphere was turn of by a yellow switch of the counter the whole room filled with butterflies, rainbows and a whole bunch of funny shaped clouds. "We are going to fight the evil Queen we need armor and our parent red and blue power necklaces, our plan is to be her guards well her crown polishers actually". Said Alice and Alia fiddling with their purple sneaker t-shirts and heir denim skirts and pink tights. How many people need two armor said Joseph holding up his fingers with the number three on it. "O.K "laughed Megan.' That will be ten dollars". "Um we didn't have any money since our parents died." Said Dylan with tears rolling out his eyes. "OH I am sorry said Megan". "No charge it's on the house" "Thanks" "no thank you.O.K" "now that that's done we go to step two" Said Alia the first time without her sister.Boys remember to grab the fake crown. When you get in the dungeon tell everybody in their what we are doing and try and unlock the secret window under the spider web of death. If you do unlock it some help us but feed Mum and Dad first. "Lets do it" they all shouted. The twins announced that they would go first and say the were the crown polishers. Yep replied Dylan with his brown combed hair and his fancy black and white tux to make a great impression to their parents. Meanwhile the Alice and Alia were already down the haunted hall of misery the appeared out of the smokey fire and were looking straight at evil Queen Victoria's door. It was black and it had spider webs all over it with tarantulas venomous spiders and mosquitoes. "Ow" screeched Alia as she got bitten by one of the venomous spiders. Instantly they started swelling up like Augustus off charlie and the chocolate factory. Hide your fat under your armor the reply Alice got was a big................. but you could see Alia was going to kill her when she stopped swelling up by the frown on her face.Alice open the door slowly let Alia waddle in first. She could at least have one nice the happen to her in this story right? "What are you doing" shouted the queen in a 60's motherly voice. "W-w-we are the n-n-n-n-n." well spit it out. "new crown polishers" squeaked Alice. "Here take it I need it back in an hour with a cup of coffee from McDonald's and don't be late or it's the dungeon for both of you." said the queen in her red and black venomous blood dress. Slam. the kids were already out the door and were half way down the hall and were ready to slap the boys hand just like we do in class relays. Once the had slapped their hands the boys were off and the girls kept running far far away even out of rainbow world and in to the armor store then through the short cut door and were then in the smokey fire forest haunted with fire breathing dragons and even the smallest spark could kill you.The were running away because the Queen can't live without her crown for more than an hour and Dylan saw this in his dream. Back at the hall of misery the boys had just walked into the Queens castle and the Queen switched her security camera to the door camera and saw the two boys walking in "IMPOSTER'S" she cried. Dylan gripped onto Joseph and jumped over the Queens royal bed and started opening her draws to find her trap crown after them guards as soon as the kids grabbed the crown the queen said "wait" just when the guards were going to stab the kids with the spears. Suddenly the kids disappeared and fell right into the dungeon onto their parents Mum Dad they had just explained what had happened to their parents while the time was ticking away with the Queen 5 minutes left the girls still in the forest had just noticed their was someone following their tracks the dragon was right behind them "aaaaaahhhhhhh" they screamed and ran right up a tree by this time five minutes was over for the queen and everybody in their family knew it was almost time for their three year dreams to come true three two one they all counted and then poof the dungeon door opened and the dragon went away and all the things the queen took began on the good people side and as for the and turned the Queens crown into gold for al the good people in the world until someone else slipped into the leftover Queens dress to be continued.........

Zanobia's 2nd Fotobabble

The Monster

Once, there was a kid called Mike and he did the opposite what his mother said. "Mike! clean the dishes!" "O.K mother" and he dirtied more dishes. When they was eating dinner, his dad said,"theres a new forest 50 yards away but its really dangerous because theres ...a... MONSTER!" And Mike heard him. The next day, he asked his sleepy mother about can he go to the forest today evening but his mum said "no" of corse, but Mike didn't listen. When his mother went to sleep, he went to the forest, it was far then he thought before.(Because he didn't know what 50 yards means) and finally he came to the forest. His head was full of questions about the forest but too bad that the forest can't talk. So he quietly tip toed inside the mysterious forest, it was quiet inside. Mike was sleepy because he woke up at 5am. he lied down on the soft forest ground and he looked up. he saw trees, but not just trees,he saw COLOURFUL TREES! He went up and looked above but it seemed to be a dream. Mike stood up and walked to the center of the forest, thinking what might be there. Mike was happy at first but he was slowly getting scarier. "there might be a ghost! I should'v not get here its scary!" he was so loud that all the birds in the forest flew away screeching. He was just about to run but benefits went in his head. " There might be trillions of treasures!" So he started to go again. But as he got closer to the center, it got hotter. Mike thought there might be the sun close to him. He was so exited that he ran fast. then he bumped on something spiky, hard and brittle. It was the monster that dad was talking about! Mike cried so hard that his tears went down the monsters leg.(plant) "It serves you right little kid, HA HA HA HA!" said the monster, sort of looked like a killer plant that had razor sharp teeth. " Thats why you don't be naughty!" said the monster. Mike screamed. he woke up, it was a dream. from that day on Mike was kind.

Racing car

There was once a car a weird race car.It won every race he did not cheat every body else cheated they had nitro . The cars name was cartle it was half formula 1 car half turtle it was red and black the other racers thought he wold beat him but no not until 2012. they were in 1st then the motor broke down they needed to go into the in field . They called the tow truck they took it to Zach's motor .It took 1 week until it got fixed the problem was the gas tank exploded!! but they did not see it because . he covered his eyes and  they took the car a part the mechanics put the car back together but with a new gas tank the driver took it out for a spin it ran great.


Once upon a time there was a car, it is a racing car. One day the car came a alive, the racer didn't know that it was alive,so if people still the car and buckle them in , it will pull them back and all you'll see is blood.The next morning the police block the road that had blood every where, so the car rode back to the trailer where he is meat to be. There is a guy who wants to get back at his brother,so his brother put something in the car so it can come alive ,so the car is killing people before him because he kept winning the cups for 10 years. One day there was three people left and that was his ex girlfriend and his daughter ,him to.So day night they where trying to kill it he car,So when  they tricked the car into going to the dumpster, it didn't. Day 7 they had to come up with a plan now before it kills them BRUMM!! what's that said the girl run said dad.CRASH! Yes said dad!!!! that's what we were supposed to do. BRUMM!! ow no not again, O.K I'm gonna let it kill me, NO! said the girl I'm gonna get the bull dozer and kill it so if its speeding I will push it into the squasher. CRUSH! Yes said dad we did it, so for that day on they lived happy ever ofter.

Cassidy's Pegasus 2!

Tea ball

One Sunny morning I went to a tea ball game at North harbor field with my pet fish. When I was driving then I pulled over in restaurant and I brought my self a burger and a fries. And then we arrive at the North Harbor field and the game begun!!!! There was a awesome guy bating and his enemies was fielding and the crowd was silent. As soon a the awesome guy hits the ball the awesome guy fast as he could and the ball went high and high that no one can see it. And it suddenly it came down like a flashing
light I felt some thing hot come ing down from my top of my brand new car and I jump out from my brand new car and the ball came straight to my car's roof and the ball went straight to my brand new car and I heard a beep in car and it blow up like a volcano overflowing and I looked for my pet fish I found my pet fish cooked for diner and I fell to my knee and then I started to cry


Monday, November 1, 2010

slilly and milly the withe.

Once upon a time there was a alien named slily and she had curly hair and she is red every wear she needed to go to earth but she needed to fight a mean ugly smelly witch  and the witch was so so mean that she threw some one over a ship, but slily was so so nice that when some one fell over she helped them up she turned back and the witch wasn't their and there was a sound and it sounded like the witch and it was the witch so they started to fight but slily had heaps of spells and she didn't know what one to use but she saw one that she didn't use and the spell was mace the witch be gone but not for ever in a place she wont like and it worked so she fixed her ship and went to earth and meet her oner elizabeth she and slily played together then they made bracelets together. the end 

tea ball

One sunny saturday morning I had a tea ball game at the North Harbour field. The ball was super super soft but the bat was super super hard. The game began I was the awesome batter and my enemies  were fielding. That moment the crowd was silent as soon as I hit the ball the crowd went wield I ran I ran as  fast as I could but I stopped to look were the ball went I looked I could not find it then I saw the ball the ball went high it went so high that that no one could see it suddenly the ball  came down like a flashing light it came right above a brand new car then the the ball went straight in the top of the car roof. A man jumped out of  the brand new car and the brand new car blow up the man fell down on his knees and he started crying.

Hollie's Tiger and scery dream~!!!!

"AAAHHHHHH sorry" once upon a time there were two girls that were twins.The two twins are called Hollie and Maxime.They had the same dreams all the time but this dream was the most scariest dream in their whole life.It was about this bright green tiger that had bright blue eyes and the tiger was looking straight at both of them and it looked freaky.It came running to eat them all up and when it did eat them up their mum and dad were terrified to see them eaten up.So when they woke up it was fine their was no tiger their to eat them up.They came running into their mum and dads bedroom at once.When they came running into their mum and dads room they were jumping up and down on their bed trying to wake them up.But they don't wake up.So they went back to their bed and you will never guess their was a bright green tiger with bright blue eyes in their bedroom after all "NO"! called their parents as they were running down the hallway but the tiger ate them all up.GOOD BYE SEE YOU


special effects

Hi my name is Joseph and I really want to know what do make-up artist do?make-up artist put make-up on the actors all actors have to wear make-up make-up helps them look like the actors that they  play. A make-up artist changes the way an actor looks. They can use make-up to make an actor old or young or like they have been cut or burned. This means that I have to use fake hair,fake scars and fake blood, or the parts made to fit an actors face or body.I also need special brushes,glue and sponges. Where  do they work? they work in a bus and in the bus they have basins, mirrors and dryers. They have what they need. They have a fridge and cupboards for putting it in. They use a bus so that they can be close to the film set. Sometimes they have to work on a set where they can't take the bus. when this happens, they have to make what they can. They have worked on the back of  the bus , on top of a snowy mountain and even in the water  in a wet suit. How do you know what kind of make-up to use? First they read the script and think about the character. They meet  the actors.

Hot Air Ballons

Did u know Hot-air balloon r large flying machines that lift people off the ground and as the envelope fills with hot air.It begins to rise until it is up right. When the pilot and passengers r in the basket, the Hot-air balloons don't take up much space until they r blown up.

Why did they invent hot-air balloon?

How far do they travel?

How do they paint hot air balloons?

How large r the hot-air balloons?

That to come down u to let the hot-air balloon cool down

Hot-air balloon can fly because the balloon is lighter than the cold air