Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pirate Emma ,Kiana

Argh! We Be Pirates

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Created by Megan!

Zac's ship

argh today our clarss has ben doing pirate
activirties hear b me ship

by Zach

Hollie & Dream's Sea Shanty

Pirate Day By Megan

Arrrrrgggggghhhhhhh! we all scream as Miss Signal walks into the room because it was pirate day. Any way skipping to my point today we got to do lots of fun activities. Here is the list
1. Make pirate hats with paper and other art resources
2. Learn a new pirate word and decorate a page for it
3. Draw a picture of ourself like a pirate
4. Make a map for people to follow
5. Take a photo of your self and pirate yourself up on kip pix then upload it to fotobabble
6.  Pretend you had your own ship and make your own rules for it.
7. Design a flag for your pirate ship
8. Make a wanted poster for your pirate
9. Draw your own pirate ship
10. Sing a sea shanty and make up your own tune
11. Make a visual pirate dictionary with all the pirate words in it
12. Write some maths problems for pirates to solve
13. Write a pirate daily schedule and think about what a pirates life would be like
14. Answer a quiz about pirates 
It was really fun I rate pirate day a 

Pirate Jessica

Pirate Cassidy

Piraty Tasks Me Hearties!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Blog of The Week: jp7Numeracy

This is such a cool blog and I know lots of you will be interested to read it. It's a Year 7 class from Australia who are learning all about Maths and Science. At the moment they have been researching information about different parts of the solar system. Head over to their blog to check out all the fabulous facts they have learnt. Don't forget to leave them a comment!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

MasterChef New Zealand re-invention By Megan

"Alright" said our master chef Miss Signal to get the attention of the most brilliant chefs in New Zealand. "This may be the hardest competition you have ever been in, but I know you will all do terribly well". After Miss Signal or should I say head chef had explain the rules we were off! Our Big challenge was to complete a kiwi design of a pavlova.

Zanobia was doing a wonderful job with her strawberry, kiwifruit and hokey pokey ice cream topping. Levi was doing a tremendous job with his goody goody gumdrops inside and for his WOW middle he had jaffas and whipped cream! Cassidy was also rocing it out with her crunchie bars on the outside of the middle. Lucky last is Riahie with his complementary L&P drink. 

Hokey Pokey was the favourite topping in the pavlovas and finally our products were complete. After we had to choose our best competitive people and they would be our team in each team. Each team had to choose who's pavlova looked best and then vote to make their choice. There were four people and they all had their own creation but only one from each team will still be going on in the hope of becoming the new master chef

When we had all chosen our top pavlova we sent that person over to stand in the top spots. 

Head chef Miss Signal then said "Congratulations you people have earned this spot but or the rest of you TRY HARDER! "Pack your bags and leave, we do not want to see anymore of you in this kitchen ever ever ever again". Unfortunately there was a lot of tears and emotional moments that made the audiences eyes water

Tune in for the next Master Chef New Zealand episode where we will announce the winner.   

Christchurch Quake Map

Last week we had the chance to talk to Mrs Stewart from Christchurch all about the earthquake and her experiences. It was a great opportunity for the students to get to talk to someone who was living through all the things we have been hearing on the news. Before we talked to her through Skype we checked out the Christchurch Quake Map. It's a great visual tool that meant we could get an idea of how many earthquakes Christchurch was having, how big and frequent they were too. Click on the image to head to the map.

Here's another clever tool that is a timeline of the earthquakes - drag the grey bar across to see when they happened and more - Christchurch Quake Timeline.

Monday, September 6, 2010

All About Megan

Character discription of Megan

Megan has Hazel green eyes with golden spikes around her pupil.She has blond hair as soft as cotton. She has pale skin, and chubby fingers and cheeks.She has really long lashes that stick out majorly. She smiles with her eyes closed which looks like she had a nightmare. She is tall and holds her head while she thinks, and soon enough her head is tilted 75 degrees to the left.
She puts her elbow on the top left corner of her book which looks odd... Her cheeks are almost always red and the hair beside her ear is extremely soft, as soft as a white puffy cloud. She never does up her top button and her hair flicks over her face. her top lip is smaller than her bottom lip and she usually wears no ear-rings. She is almost always wearing her sneakers.

She makes a new weird sound everyday. At first it was kind'a cool but now it is mega annoying, it is the most annoying sound you would want to hear on a Monday morning!! She likes insulting people, ( in a good way ) and by people I mean me!! She makes similes like: As close as a chicken is to her eggs, and looks like wool after a cat has played with it. She is a person that is always concentrated i her work, like right now, at 12:25:42 pm on Thursday the 12/08/2010 she is writing like mad. She wants to be a writer when she grows up. Either a story writer or a song writer. She is a person that you can trust, a person that can keep secrets ( she feels the same about me ). Sometimes she says the wrong word and then says opsy really cutely, and sometimes goes Arrrrrrrrgggggghhhh!!! She is crazy. As crazy as a leprecaun that just got a piece of chocolate. For example... Her drama is a comedy show, ad she makes really weird face expressions. She is really helpful and loves that about herself. Once she was fighting with Isabella if she is going to help Tatiana or Isabella is going to help Tatiana.She does joke around about people, but doesn't hurt any-ones feelings, if she does then she doesn't forgive herself. She loves to type, like when she gets the address of a website wrong , she types it all over again. Megan is practically a clown. A clown that is famous for it's humor all around the world. She always has really good questions about things that sometimes even Miss S. doesn't know the answer to it. She is very intelligent. As wise as an owl.She is really interested in art and is always concentrating while the teacher is giving instructions, sometimes she starts talking... But still on the top of her list is writing. She is really proud of herself because of the fact that her math and reading levels are really good. Megan is a really nice friend to have; especially
when it is your first year in a new school!!